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Christmas is the feast of warmth and of warm human hearts.Patriarch Pavle of Serbia

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γεννηση χριστου Studenicas1-w3e3-l3-93-7 (1)”The motherly love of the Most Holy Theotokos permeates today’s entire event and radiates a warm feeling within us. Christmas is the feast of warmth and of warm human hearts. If it seems that there is no place today a person can “warm” himself, it is because human hearts have grown cold. They have become hard and unfeeling even towards the suffering of so many of our brothers and sisters who in recent years have been left homeless, exiled from their birthplaces, and some even without their loved ones. That life is hard is not the exception but the rule. Only the twentieth century has brought the simple-minded dream that life should be easy and leisurely, which it never has been throughout history. …But afflictions and difficulties and limitations are easier to bear when we have warmth in us and amongst us. For in the day of His second coming, the Lord will not ask us what kind of times we lived in, but how we related to our neighbor. Was he our “hell” or our “heaven?”

 We ourselves build either heaven or hell in our own hearts out of the momentary circumstances we are given, and the warmth of the human heart is able to transform any situation, even to make a cave in Bethlehem the most beautiful palace and birthplace of the King of kings.

He revealed that good is far stronger than evil, and that every triumph of evil is temporary and illusory”

Patriarch Pavle of Serbia

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