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God does not grant big endowments without great temptations.St Isaac the Syrian

ΠΡΟΣ ΣΤΑΥΡΩΣΗ 242_dionisiatThe cross is the door to mysteries. Through this door the intellect makes entrance into the knowledge of heavenly mysteries. The knowledge of the cross is concealed in the sufferings of the cross. The more we participate in its sufferings, the greater the perception we gain through the cross. For, as the Apostle says, ‘As the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds by Christ.’ Now by consolation he means thoria, which, being interpreted, is vision of soul. Vision gives birth to consolation.

Be persecuted, but persecute not;  Be crucified,but crucify not;  Be wronged, but wrong not; Be slandered, but slander not.Have clemency, not zeal, with respect to evil. Lay hold of goodness, not legality. “

ΣΤΑΥΡΩΣΗ ΤΟΙΧΟΓΡΑΦΙΑIf a soul is feeble and lacks sufficient strength for enduring great temptations and therefore asks God not to be exposed to them, and God hears it — then know surely, that by whatever measure the soul lacks sufficient strength for great temptations, is the same measure it lacks sufficient strength to cope with big endowments. Because God does not grant big endowments without great temptations. God determines temptations commensurate to endowments.

The man who endures accusations against himself with humility has arrived at perfection, and he is marvelled at by the holy angels, for there is no other virtue so great and so hard to achieve.”

The path of God is a daily cross. 

St Isaac the Syrian the Bishop of Nineveh and Great Hesychast 

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