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‘How can I find God?’…charity and humility.’ The Desert Fathers

Άγιος Αλέξανδρος του Σβίρ02-God descends to the humble as waters flow down from the hills into the valleys. St. John of Kronstadt

An old man was asked, ‘How can I find God?‘ He said, ‘In fasting, in watching, in labors, in devotion, and, above all, in discernment. I tell you, many have injured their bodies without discernment and have gone away from us having achieved nothing. Our mouths smell bad through fasting, we know the Scriptures by heart, we recite all the Psalms of David, but we have not that which God seeks: charity and humility.‘ The Desert Fathers

The man who endures accusations against himself with humility has arrived at perfection. He is marvelled at by the holy angels, for there is no other virtue so great and so hard to achieve. St Isaac of Syria

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