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Prayer keeps the world alive…Saint Silouan the Athonite

Domnica_of_Constantinople_(Menologion_of_Basil_II)A single saint is an extraordinarily precious phenomenon for all mankind. By the mere fact of their existence – unknown, maybe to the world but known to God – the saints draw down on the world, on all humanity, a great benediction from God…”

Because of these people, I believe the Lord preserves the world, for they are precious in His sight, and God always listens to His humble servants and we are all right because of their prayers.”

Prayer keeps the world alive and when prayer fails, then the world will perish… ‘Nowadays,’ perhaps you will say, ‘there are no more monks like that to pray for the whole world,’ But I tell you that when there are no more men of prayer on the earth, the world will come to an end and great disasters will befall. They have already started.”
(Saint Silouan the Athonite, pg. 222, 223.)

Stillness implies a state of bodily rest coupled with the creative tension that enables a person to commune with God in the midst of a crowd. It means openness to the divine presence and to prayer, prayer understood as a divine work accomplished by God Himself. As the apostle Paul insists, it is not we who pray, but the Spirit who prays within us (Rom 8:26).

True joy comes from seeing God in all things, knowing God in all things.

Seeing The Image of God in Every Person

ΤΙΦΛΙΔΑΣ ΑΓΙΟΙ ΜΑΡΤΥΡΕΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑΣNobody and nothing can ever destroy the image of God in man. The worst deluded person, the worst criminal, still has the intact image of God in him. We don’t think about this when we relate to other people. We judge them according to the epidermis, not the image of God. For, otherwise we would treat others with more attention and delicacy because they also have the image of God. Only the likeness of God is lost because of sin, but not the image.
Fr.Constantin Galeriu

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