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Prayer is your heart in God’s heart.Love Comes Through Prayer.

Prayer is actually everything. Prayer is your heart in God’s heart. Without this education, of the presence of your heart in God’s heart, no matter what you speak, .. prayer is a deep silence and a state beyond human imagination; a state of talking with God, but not through human words, it’s beyond you completely.. Prayer is necessary. Prayer is our life.

By Elder Arsenie Papacioc.


Prayer is the mother and empress of all the good deeds. But how so? Since Apostle Paul says: So, now, these three are left: faith, hope and love; and the greatest is love.. Doesn’t he say so? Then, see, the greatest deed is not prayer, according to the Holy Fathers, but love. But why did the Holy Fathers still say that prayer is the mother of all the good deeds?

Because it also brings love into our souls. Love of God and love our neighbor don’t come in any other way into our souls, except through the path of prayer!

By Elder Ilie Cleopa.

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