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St. John the Russian and Elder Iakovos of Evia

St. John the Russian, the New Confessor of Prokopion and Evia and Elder Iakovos Tsalikis (1920-1991)

Commemorated on May 27

αγιος Ιωαννης ο Ρωσσος.“Elder Iakovos Tsalikis would regularly visit the Shrine of St. John the Russian in Evia.
He said: “Once, I saw the Saint alive inside of his reliquary.I asked him: “My Saint, how did you live in Asia Minor, what virtues and blessings did you have?
The Saint responded to me: “I slept in the cave in which was the stable and covered myself with straw to take cover in the winter so I wouldn’t freeze.I had humility and faith.” In a short while he said to me: “Wait, Fr.Iakovos, because now two people have come to pray for a sick child.Wait until I go help him.”
Immediately the reliquary appeared empty, because the Saint left. In a short while, he returned, though I didn’t see how he did, but I saw him inside his reliquary like a [living] man!”

Apolytikion of St. John the Russian in Tone IV
 He that hath called thee from earth unto the heavenly abodes doth even after thy death keep thy body unharmed, O righteous one;for thou wast carried off as a prisoner into Asia wherein also, O John, thou didst win Christ as thy friend.Wherefore do thou beseech him that our souls be saved.

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