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For everything … thank you.Mother Gabriel

Mother Gabriel said:

Παναγία Σεϊδανάγια (El Chagoura = «η διάσημη»), Συρία mar4Few words, much love. To all. No matter who they are.

The first is the smile; the second is tears. The third is to touch. The fourth is prayer, and the fifth is love. With these five languages I go all around the world.” With these five languages you can travel the whole earth, and all the world is yours.Love everyone as your own – without concern for religion or race, without concern for anything.

Everywhere are people of God. You never know if the one you see today might tomorrow be a saint.

When in truth we appreciate the gifts which God gives us, we don’t have time to seek anything else. We run to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We see a person … thank you. We see a flower … thank you. We see a glass of milk … thank you.

For everything … thank you. And such a joy comes into our life, that many do not understand even if they are close to us; What is all this!

When the mind is not distracted by worldly matters and remains united to God, then even the ‘Good day’ that we say becomes a blessing.

From: Mother Gabriel, The Ascetic of Love, by Sister Gabriel

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