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Living in solitude…St Nilus of Sora


Living in solitude, I occupy myself with searching the spiritual writings: above all I search the Lord’s commandments and their commentaries, and the Apostolic traditions; then the Lives and Instructions of the Holy Fathers. I reflect on all this, and whatever I find after reflection to be God-pleasing and useful for my soul, I copy out for myself. In this is my life and breath.

~St Nilus of Sora


St Gregory of Sinai goes so far as to say that prayer is God Himself acting in 

True prayer operates in our innermost depths which we learn to hide from outside eyes. 

O Lord Eternal and Creator of all things, 

Teach me to pray aright. 

Elder Sophrony(Sakharov) of Essex


Glory to Thee, Our God, glory to Thee.

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. 

Lord Jesus Christ,have mercy on me,the sinner.

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