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Study the Holy Writings and you shall find eternal life in them..St. Nilus of Sora

ΝΕΙΛΟΣ ΣΟΡΑΣ St. Nilus of Sora (May 7)9

St. Nilus of Sora (May 7)

Bind yourself to the Divine Writings.

When no guide can be found, the Fathers have us turn to the Holy Writings and listen to The Lord Himself speaking. Study the Holy Writings and you shall find eternal life in them.

Learn something from the Scriptures by heart, keeping your mind focused on it. These things impede the demons from making incursions against us. This is also a stratagem of the Holy Fathers. 

Nothing that happens to us is contrary to the will of Providence, and everything that is sent us by God is for our good and the salvation of our soul. Even if it does not seem helpful at the moment, we shall understand later on that it was willed so by God, and that it is not what we ourselves wish that is always useful to us. God sends trials out of his Mercy, so that after we have suffered, we may be crowned by Him. Without temptation it is impossible to receive a crown. This is why we should thank God for these sufferings, as out Benefactor and Saviour.

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