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In the End Days a man will be saved by love, humbleness and kindness.Saint Gabriel Confessor of Mtskheta,Georgia


St. Gabriel the Confessor of  Mtskheta, Georgia

Commemorated on 2 November

Άγιος Γαβριήλ ο διά Χριστόν σαλός και Ομολογητής της Γεωργίας-წმ. ღირსი მამა გაბრიელი აღმსარებელი-სალოსი-St. Gabriel the Confessor and the Fool for ChristLove everyone; if you can’t, at least show a goodwill.

In the End Days a man will be saved by love, humbleness and kindness. Kindness will open the gates of Heaven; humbleness will lead into the Heaven; a man, whose heart is filled with love, will see the God.

This is my last will and testament: raise your prayers for everyone; your prayers will move the mountains. Love each other.

Death is transfiguration. Don’t be afraid of death; rather be afraid of the Judgment Day. 

Greatness of GOD is incomparable.Your soul belongs to the One Who bestowed it to you.

Try to strive for God constantly. Having seen your aspiration, the Lord will grant you all that is necessary.

Conscience is a small God.

If you have everything else, but love, you have nothing.

If you hate even a single person – you are disgusting before GOD.

Love your enemies – it’s clear. But how to love enemies of Christ? Stop hating and then you will be able to love them.

How to love the evil man? Hate the evil, but love those who do evil. Who knows maybe one day they will repent their sins by the powers of prayer, tears and confession and become like an angel. Everything is God’s Will.

Seas dry up, mountains collapse, but the glory of Christ remains for ever.



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