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The Kingdom of Heaven is forever and knows no bounds. Patriarch Paul of Serbia

Patriarch Paul of Serbia

Παύλος Σερβίας- Павел Сербский- Pavle of Serbia 45It is not without reason that Patriarch Pavle has been referred to as a “saint who walks.” The simplicity of his lifestyle and his personal humility have found favor by all of those who are familiar with this virtuous man. . All of the Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church have an automobile, which they use to travel through their dioceses. The one exception has been Patriarch Pavle. When asked why he never obtained an automobile, he replies: “I will not purchase one until every Albanian and Serbian household in Kosovo and Metohija has an automobile.

His proverbial modesty was reflected in his use of public transport and dislike of chauffeur-driven cars.

During the Assembly of Bishops in 2006 he walked our of the Patriarchate and saw a long line of shiny black Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW cars parked outside the building. “Who do these belong to?” Pavle asked his secretary. “Em, to the Bishops who came to the Assembly, Your Grace.” “I only wonder,” the Patriarch commented, “what would they have driven if they had not taken the vow of poverty…”

“The Kingdom on Earth is but paltry and small; yet the Kingdom of Heaven is forever and knows no bounds.


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