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Your little heart should soften,from the touch of grace…St. Luke Archbishop of Crimea

St. Luke Archbishop of Crimea

Αικατερίνα_Η ΜΝΗΣΤΕΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΓ.ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗΣ 001“Do all things in order to seek Him and place Him within your heart. Your little heart should soften, my child, from the touch of grace, every instant when you think how much God loves you and how much he has protected your from spiritual death, protecting you from the filth that the demons bring to the mind of men…”

“Continue your path with courage, with much courage. Let your heart rejoice in the Lord, and He will grant it all nourishments [lit. vitamins] and all energy that is needed so that it does not collapse. Nothing should seem difficult to you.”

“Someone Else, my brother, rules everything and not the greats of this world…”

“Remember, remember my beloved child, that all of the happenings of our life are part of the utterly unknown economy of God.

Our Lord gave us paradoxical and wondrous commandments. He said that He does not desire sacrifice, but mercy, mercy towards all those who need it. A great, uncountable multitude of people await someone to show them compassion, to tell them one word of love and consolation. People wait for someone to show them tenderness and to help them, but instead of this, they meet coldness and indifference around them. But above this, from some, even Christians, they see disdain and disgust.

(Selected spiritual quotes of St. Luke Archbishop of Crimea)


Saint Catherine of Alexandria Great-martyr

Commemorated on November 25

ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗΣ ΣΙΝΑ_greek -icon00100001257Her mother was secretly a Christian who, through her spiritual father, brought Catherine to the Christian Faith. In a vision, St. Catherine received a ring from the Lord Jesus Himself as a sign of her betrothal to Him. This ring remains on her finger even today. Catherine was greatly gifted by God and was well educated in Greek philosophy, medicine, rhetoric and logic. In addition to that, she was of unusual physical beauty….During the torture of St. Catherine, an angel of God came to her and destroyed the wheel on which the holy virgin was being tortured. Afterward, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself appeared to her and comforted her. After many tortures, Catherine was beheaded at the age of eighteen, on November 24, 310. Milk, instead of blood, flowed from her body. Her miracle-working relics repose on Mount Sinai.(The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič )Παναγία_00000682

Troparion Greatmartyr Catherine of Alexandria (Tone Plagal 1)

Let us praise the all-lauded and noble bride of Christ,

the godly Catherine, the guardian of Sinai and its defense,

who is also our support and succour and our help;

for with the Holy Spirit’s power

she hath silenced brilliantly the clever among the godless;

and being crowned as a martyr, she now doth ask great mercy for us all.

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