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How beautiful is the Mystery of Tommorrow! Mother (Elder) Gabrielia

Mother (Elder) Gabrielia (+March 28, 1992)

icon_rublevarhangelmihail_718x1034The language of God is silence.

Some want to go to the Resurrection without going by way of Golgotha.

Our soul is a Divine Breath. Our body is His Creation. In our whole being we are the icon of God.

Love is always on the cross. Because Christ is on the cross.

How beautiful is the Mystery of Tommorrow!

You should have continual conversation with your guardian angel. About everything. Especially in difficulties and when you cannot get across to someone. He always helps.

If you ever feel fear in your heart, close your eyes and say the Jesus Prayer: ‘Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon me’… 

 The Grace of God comes when we raise our hand. It is Faith that draws God’s Grace to us. God is ‘pouring down’ His Grace, but where is the hand reaching out to receive it? Instead, we are wearing hats or carrying umbrellas… 

 We ourselves cannot get rid of any of our faults. He takes them away from us, one by one. 

 We should ask God everyday to break our will and make it His, so that we may become as He wants us to be. 

The only true joy is freedom from worry.

We must not ‘surrender’ to His Will. This is what soldiers do. We, who are His Children, must offer Him our own will along with all our being – in whatever pitiful state we may be – and tell him: “Lord, take all my faults and imperfections and set them right.” 

From: Mother Gabriel, The Ascetic of Love, by Sister Gabriel

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