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If lived with more simplicity, they could find the peace they are seeking. St.Paisios of the Holy Mountain

Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!

Христос Воскресе! Воистину Воскресе!

St.Paisios of the Holy Mountain

Άγιος Παΐσιος ο Αγιορείτης _Преподобный старец Паисий Святогорец_ St.Paisios of the Holy Mountain_-paisius-1

If a person does not believe this and struggles to gather these blessings himself, then he will suffer. But a person living spiritually will not be upset even in the event, that God does not give him the earthly and material. If we seek first the Kingdom of God, if the search for this Kingdom is our only care, then the rest will be given to us. Would God cast His creation to the mercy of fate? If the Israelites saved the manna that God sent them in the desert for the next day, it began to rot. [200] God arranged it this way, so that they would depend on Divine Providence.

Secular people say, “How lucky are the wealthy people who live in palaces and have all kinds of conveniences:” In truth, blessed are those who have succeeded in sim­plifying their lives and freeing themselves from the yoke of worldly progress, of the many conveniences that have become inconveniences, and have consequently rid themselves of the dreadful anxiety that plagues so many, people today. If man does not simplify his life, he will end up tormenting himself. But if he simplifies it, all his anxiety will go away….

These days I stress simplicity to lay people too, be­cause many of the things they do are not necessary and they end up being consumed by anxiety. I speak to them of austerity and asceticism. I constantly scold them, “If you want to get rid of anxiety, simplify your lives!” That is how most divorces start. People have to do too many things, too many obligations and they get dizzy. Both parents work and abandon the children. The result is fa­tigue and nervousness, which causes small issues to turn into large quarrels and then to automatic divorces; that’s “where they end up. But if they simplified their lives, they would find rest and joy. Stress is catastrophic.

  Once I was at a very plush house where they told me in conversation, “We live in Paradise, while other people are in such great need.” “You live in hell,” I replied. “God said to the rich man, Fool, This night your soul is required of you (Lk.12:20). If Christ were to ask me, ‘Where should I put you in a house like this or in prison?’ I would reply, ‘In the dark prison.’ Because a prison would do me good; it could remind me of Christ, the holy martyrs, the ascetics who lived in the holes of the earth, it would remind me of monastic life. The prison would resemble my cell a bit and I would be happy. But what would this palace of a house remind me of and how would that help me? That is why I find prison cells much more restful than a worldly living room. I even find it more restful than a beautiful monastic cell. I would rather spend one thousand nights in a prison cell, than one day in a plush house.”…

Even some spiritual people will sometimes not be able to live together, no matter how much space they ­have available, because they don’t have the fullness of Christ in their heart. If the women of Pharasa could see our luxuries, especially in some Monasteries, they would say, “We have abandoned God and He will send down fire to burn us!”

The people of Pharasa did not pay attention to details. They enjoyed the joy of monastic life. And if, for example, the blanket did not sit right from one side of the bed and you told them, “Straighten out the blanket,” they would respond, “Why, does it prevent you from praying?” This kind of joyful monastic life is unknown today. Most people believe that they should not go into any trouble, or be deprived of anything. But if they thought in monastic terms and lived with more simplicity, they could find the peace they are seeking.

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Rejoice, for thou didst make thyself a precious follower of the saints of Cappadocia!

Rejoice, for thou didst wholly liken thyself to them as a true bearer of God!

Rejoice, most fair and fragrant flower, who hast blossomed for our enlightenment!

Rejoice, wellspring of heavenly grace, who refreshest the whole world!

Rejoice, sweetest food, who fillest the souls that are starved of right teaching!

Rejoice, receptacle that hast gathered all our weaknesses, troubles and sorrows!

Rejoice, pillar of fire, who art the unshakable support of those that desire to gain salvation!

Rejoice, star that shinest in the firmament of the Church, guiding us to the everlasting mansions!

Rejoice, for thou wast shown to be a blessing of God and a sign of His ineffable mercy!

Rejoice, Blessed Father Paisius, enlightener of the latter times!


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