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Do not be afraid, take power from the name of Jesus. Saint Luke Archbishop of Crimea

Saint Luke Archbishop of Crimea

christ-the-new-adam_bRemember, remember my beloved child, that all of the happenings of our life are part of the utterly unknown economy of God.

Someone Else, my brother, rules everything and not the greats of this world…

May the sweetest Jesus be always in your thoughts, may He be a harbor to which you return again and again…Furthermore, do not cease to call upon the Panagia to help whenever you have need, and more.

Let us keep our faith which is an eternal and definite truth.

The Saint’s last words


My children, very much do I entreat you,

Arm yourselves with the armor that God gives, That you may withstand the devil’s tricks.

You can’t imagine how evil he is.

We don’t have to fight with people but with rulers and powers, in effect the evil spirits.

Take care!

It’s no use to the devil for anyone to think and feel that he is close to him.

A hidden and unknown enemy is more dangerous than a visible enemy…

But do not be afraid, take power from the name of Jesus.

May St. Luke, the great defender of Orthodoxy in these latter days, the wondrous healer of souls and bodies intercede with Christ for all of us! Amen!


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