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Christ didn’t walk on the roads laid with carpets. Saint Gabriel Confessor of Samtavro, Georgia

Saint Gabriel Confessor of Samtavro, Georgia

Commemorated on 2 November

”If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.”( Corinth.A΄ -3,18-19)

Γαβριήλ ο διά Χριστόν σαλός και Ομολογητής της Γεωργίας-წმ. ღირსი მამა გაბრიელი აღმსარებელი-სალოსი-St. Gabriel the Confessor and the Fool for Christ_ -gabrielMonasticism is an angelic order. To achieve perfection, one must pass through the fire of temptation

His words filled with divine grace and power warmly penetrated into everyone’s heart. Within years Father Gabriel taught mostly about God and love for neighbor, repentance, humility and kindness.In the last year of his life he suddenly changed his preaching and taught about the End Times. He was great vessel of the Holy Spirit.

He often wore a placard around his neck that said, “A man without love is like a pitcher without a bottom.”Greatness of GOD is incomparable.
Your soul belongs to the One Who bestowed it to you.
Try to strive for God constantly. Having seen your aspiration, the Lord will grant you all that is necessary.
It is not God who abandons a man, but a man abandons God. Hell is an estrangement from God.
God is an infinite Love, Goodness and Justice. Who loves goodness and justice, he loves God and he is loved by God as his own child.

Egoism is opposed to love. Egoist never gives anything out but wants everything for himself. All the riches of the world could never be enough for an egoist.
When having meals, remember those, who are in need, hungry, thirsty, suffering – this way you learn how to receive a Divine Grace.
Humbleness will tame even the fiercest lion.
Faith and love are perceived through sufferings.

Christ didn’t walk on the roads laid with carpets. He was simple; hypocrisy and pomposity were repulsive for Him. Christ wore only one tunic knitted by the Holy Mother of God.

Prayer of Elder Gabriel
O Lord, I entreat Thee, hear us from Heaven, look with favor upon us, grant us Thy mercy, let us depart in peace, that we may walk in Thy way, fulfill Thy commandments, and renounce sin. Teach us, O Lord, to pray before Thee and to keep Thy holy law, so that our hearts would become devoted to Thee, and grant that we all would live according to Thy holy law.


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