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Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia, ”The angel, who protects and defends us.”

Pavle Patriarch of Serbia
Reposed on 15 November 2009

Thou only, Lord, knowest what we need;
(Prayer of Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia)

Παύλος Σερβίας_Павел Сербский_Pavle of Serbia_-Patrijarh Srpski Pavle4974047853_c9b1623c48_bNone in this noisy era spoke so softly and yet was heard so widely as he. None spoke less and yet said more. None in our delusional age confronted truth with such calmness as he.”
The Serb poet M. Betskovic- Матија Бећковић about the Patriarch Pavle

“Every one of the deeds of Patriarch Pavle and all of his words have the aroma of the Holy Gospel”, said Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro

He is very accessible. When his sister was alive he frequently walked to her house by foot. He in general liked to go about by foot, without an escort. Anyone can approach him and speak with him. He receives visitors every day at his residence. People go to him with their needs and their small questions, and he finds a comforting word of consolation for each of them.
He gets up very early and, when everyone is still sleeping, he serves the Liturgy, praying for the entire Serbian people. All Serbia is in his heart. He is small in stature, but great in spirit. He has thin fingers, but when he forms these fingers into the sign of the cross legions of demons flee; he wears thin cotton vestments, but beneath these vestments is hidden the soul of a brave warrior. The people say: ‘This is our angel, who protects and defends us.’”, said Predrag Miodrag, who knows the Patriarch well

Holiness and wisdom of Patriarch Pavle.

The Christian is one who actively lives evangelically and thus preaches the Christianity. Orthodoxy is a way of life.

Wisdom will preserve us from wolves, and kindness will prevent us from turning into wolves.

To be wise as snake and harmless as dove means that we should be both at thesame time. For if we are only wise, we will become wicked and if we are only harm-less, we will become stupid.

We all need to feel the blessed Kingdom of God already in the worldly life.

We should tread on the path which leads to the Kingdom of Heaven and goalong it untill we reach the Lord Himself. Then He will recognize us as His own. It ishorrible not to go along the path untill its very end and Lord tells us:
I do not knowyou!

The Christians cannot have the other faith or the other measure except faith inChrist and Christ as the measure.

It is easy to love Christ as a miracleworker, healer, breadwinner. But to lovecrucified Christ?!

If we were not supported by God in every moment of our hard life, we couldnot bear these hardships. Therefore, the awareness that nothing happens withoutHis permission should be our consolation. Of course, there are many hardships for which we are to blame. Our duty is to make it different so that God can recognize usas His at the Doomsday with all our thoughts, intentions, words and deeds.

Παύλος Πατριάρχης Σερβίας_Patriarch Pavle of Serbia_Патриарх Павел Сербский_10406672_802354713167802_171407835026713473_nBe wise as snakes and harmless as doves
is valid only under thecondition that we should develop wisdom and harmlessness endlessly but evenly.Otherwise, according to blessed Jeronimus, wisdom without harmlessness will turninto wickedness and harmlessness without wisdom into stupidity.The second example is the story about a sheep among wolves. The sheep can surviveamong the wolves as a sheep only under the condition that it does not sharpen its hooves and does not become a wolf. It should act in such a way that it does not let betorn apart by the wolves nor that it itself becomes a wolf.

If Cain killed his brother Abel, then every murder is fratricide! So, the firstmurder is fratricide perpetrated from envy. Satan pronounced his envy for people inthe drama he directed with Adam and Eve and continued with Cain and Abel.

If we live as people of God, there will be room for all nations in the Balkans and in the world. If we liken ourselves to Cain, then the entire earth will be too small even for two people.The Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to be always children of God and love one another

Our age is full of hard temptations and suffering. But Lord knows why He letsthem happen to us. Certainly not to make it harder than it is. Some people behave asif they wish the temptations and suffering were bigger and harder.

There are two sides to everything. An inhuman person appears among thehumans under auspicious conditions for humanity and a human person appearsamong the inhumans in the adverse conditions for humanity. It is up to us if we aregoing to be human regardless of the conditions. Freedom guarantees our choice. Weshould treat humans humanly and we should treat the inhumans as a human up tothe certain degree.
By Bishop David (Perovic) of Krusevac


Παύλος Σερβίας- Павел Сербский- Pavle of Serbia33DSC00632 (2)We cannot pass through this world without suffering and hardship. The history of mankind is filled with so much devastation caused by the elements, so much misery caused by man to his fellow man.
In the Holy Scriptures, God points many times to the suffering that awaits His faithful: In the world you have tribulation….; If they persecuted me, they will persecute you: let he who wants to go with me take up his cross and follow (Jn 16:33; 15:20). The Apostle Paul also says that we must enter the kingdom of God through many tribulations (Acts 14:22). The Apostle Peter even teaches that there is a difference between suffering for the sake of righteousness which, he says, is part of the suffering of Christ, and suffering for sins, and he warns the faithful: let none of you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, or a wrong-doer (1 Pet. 3:14; 4;15).Not heeding this advice draws us into the madness of war that has befallen both the Croats and ourselves. It brings so much spilled blood and loss of lives, so many disabled persons, exiles and refugees, so many ruined material and cultural effects, so many destroyed churches, so many historical and cultural riches accumulated over the centuries that are lost forever… we have yet to learn the simplest teaching of Christianity: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Mt. 7:12). And what have we done with the essence of the faith, love, and love’s highest form, love for our enemies, which means rising to the stature of our Father’s hallowed Son who is in heaven, and the awareness that we are people of God, and to act accordingly. Let us try to achieve this. Then God will hear us and bring an end to the war, so that peace may reign in this turbulent world.

From the Introduction to the book, War Damage Sustained by Orthodox Churches in Serbian Areas of Croatia in 1991

Through the prayers of Fr. Pavle Patriarch of Serbia, of all the ascetic Fathers and all the saints, O Lord of compassion and hope, have mercy on us and save us!

Παύλος Σερβίας- Павел Сербский- Pavle of Serbia33

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Παυλος Σερβιας_Patriarch Pavle of Serbia_ Патријарх Павле_ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΣΕΡΒΙΑΣ ΕΙΣΟΔΟ

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Παύλος Σερβίας- Павел Сербский- Pavle of Serbia_RACOVITCA_Ρακοβιτσα μονη_

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