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Elder Ieronymos of Aegina, He lived the essence of Orthodoxy


Elder Ieronymos of Aegina of Gelveri, Cappadocia

Being a great lover of the life of stillness and prayer, he often recollected the beautiful days full of spiritual ascents and exaltations that he had passed in the chapels and abandoned monasteries of his homeland.
“Here in Greece you cannot find a quiet place to pray,” he was wont to say. “In Anatolia there were many places where you could pass the whole day in prayer, without anybody seeing you.”
This insatiable and never-silent desire for quietude and prayer, for undisturbed communion with God, never abandoned him. He never lost an opportunity to draw apart and give himself to prayer…He lived the essence of Orthodoxy, tradition, in all its breadth.


Deliver everything into God’s hands and do not worry about the future. What would be useful and salvific to you, this the Lord shall send.

If there is no spiritual man to talk with, then do not grieve so much. Stay at home, and the Lord, Who loves all, shall send you His comfort and guidance. God knows about your solitude and shall not leave you

Silence is a wonderful thing. If you learn to control your tongue, you shall experience the joy of keeping silence. Respond only when asked. Do not start conversations.

I am begging you: shed at least one [little] drop of tears every day. Let there pass for you no day without tears. St. Gregory of Nyssa writes: “A deep sigh returns the grace of God, to have been gone”.

Love silence and solitude. If possible, avoid people. I think that the prayer, where the heart is not distressed with love, does not reach God.



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