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“Prayer is our very breath.”Elder Serge Chévitch of Vanves

Elder Serge Chévitch of Vanves (1904-† 25 Ιουλίου 1987)

1304064860_kurbinovo0014The purpose of our life must be to live in communion with God.

The Elder Sergei taught that prayer is most important for an Orthodox Way of LIfe. Prayer is of two types. One is asking for God’s help. The other is giving thanks, always remembering that everything comes from God with His help. This attitude is essential to avoid pride. Prayer should focus on the spiritual and not the material. With spiritual help God will grant what is necessary in material things. In everything we must give thanks to God.

Our life should be lived in the spirit of prayer. The Elder says, “Prayer is our very breath.”

“Prayer should be like a vigil lamp in our hearts: permanent. We must always make sure that it has oil to continue burning. In the moments when we find it most difficult to pray, we should pray at least a little so that the light in our hearts won’t go out. We must be like the wise virgins, not like the foolish maidens, so that we will not be taken by surprise when death comes.”

The Jesus Prayer without humility is a disaster

Every action, every job should be accomplished in a spirit of prayer.

Repentance is the key to spiritual life. It allows us to have the wedding garment without which we are cast out of he wedding feast.”

Reference: Elder Sergei of Vanves: Life and Teachings



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