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Spiritual life is the art of arts and the science of sciences.Elder Ieronymos of Aegina of Gelveri, Cappadocia


Elder Ieronymos of Aegina of Gelveri, Cappadocia

Spiritual life is the art of arts and the science of sciences. To come to know it takes a lot of exploits. At least for an hour a day close yourself in your room and meditate on Christ and on your predestination. Solitude is necessary for the spiritual perfection. The wind blowing in the street may not be stopped but you can [well] close the door. And so, close the doors of the soul and abide in solitude that the wind may not carry you away. One should not hate people, Love them but also avoid them. Do not look for frequent meetings: they’ve come – it’s good they have, they have not – it’s good they have not. The Holy Fathers teach that one amidst thousands be your friend. Never return evil for evil. Always choose the good. If the other gives you a pepper, then you give him honey saying: “This is all I have, here you are”.


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