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The wind of desolation – Poem ,Saint John Jacob the Chozebite, the Romanian


Saint John Jacob the Chozebite, the Romanian – a Hermit from the Holy Land

Commemorated on August 5

Father John stood at the foot of the Cross since the time he was a little boy, with his mind fixed upon the One Crucified, Who always helped him until he reached the peak of divine transformation of his nature, purified and illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

The wind of desolation

And again on battlefields, blood again,
Again the noise, of the wars
Once more unending, storm of tears.
The tide is high, the need – it soars!

When poor world wept
On cheeks its tears,
Another sudden tide
Of sorrows, the world is pierced.

Again the widows will be crying
Along with old men – poor,
And children will be left alone,
In thousands orphans score.

Cities will be emptied
And so many will be slaves,
In that place of worldly songs
Bullets will go hit in waves.

And instead of spoiling
And of luxury astray,
Fight will reign from now, on earth,
And the quake will be gun play.

That the ones of bustling habits,
Walking naked with no shame,
Will be forced to walk uncovered,
As we’re poor, they will exclaim!

When the malice keeps on growing,
God is sickened, one can say.
That is why the world is cracking
And the wars don’t go away.


Troparion, plagal 4 tone 8:

In you, through zeal the one created in the image of God was saved, oh Father, for forsaking the world and leaving your homeland, you took up Christ’s cross, and you have dwelled in the valley of Jordan to labour. Wherefore, oh Righteous Father John, your spirit rejoices now with the angels. Intercede with Christ our God to save our souls.

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