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Τhe finding the “Taborite light” within ourselves.

Μεταμόρφωσις του Σωτήρος Χριστού_Преображение Господне_Transfiguration of Jesus- Greek Byzantine Orthodox Icon.p0210130039.b

The one who has purified himself of the passions and has reached a burning love for God on the steps of the virtues can attain the vision of the divine light…

As Jesus was praying on the mountain, according to the evangelist Luke, “the appearance of his contenance was altered and his raiment became dazzling white” (9:28-29); so also the transfiguring effect of this prayer has been attested in the life of the saints. The experience of the divine light of the Transfiguration has been made possible through the Jesus prayer for others. Father John of Kronstadt, who constantly used the Jesus prayer, wrote that “as long as we are praying diligently we are at peace and there is light in our souls, because then we are with God.” The mystics of the Orthodox tradition spoke of finding the “Taborite light” within themselves.

“His face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as light” (Matt. 17:2). The transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor has been extended in the life of his saints.

 Yet the glory and the light of the Transfiguration is already present and is extended to the world. In the light of the feast the entire cosmos is potentially Christified.

Prayer attracts God’s Grace, the Divine Light.A meek and humble person is always very pleasant to be with, for he emanates peace and warmth. That person may not say a single word, yet we rejoice to be in his presence. 

We cannot achieve salvation unless we change our thoughts and make them different…A man who has within him the Kingdom of Heaven radiates holy thoughts, Divine thoughts. The Kingdom of God creates within us an atmosphere of heaven. This is achieved by the the work of Divine power in us. Our minds thus become deified, free of passions, and holy. Only a mind which has God within it and a constant remembrance of the Lord can be deified. By knowing that He is in us and we are in Him, we can move around like fish in the water. He is everywhere, and we, like the fish, swim in Him. As soon as we leave Him, we die spiritually…

Today all civilisation is directed towards distracting the attention of people, especially of the young, from themselves, from the self, from looking inside, into the heart.” Fr Thaddeus of Vintovitsa


Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

Μεταμόρφωσις του Σωτήρος Χριστού_Преображение Господне_Transfiguration of Jesus- Greek Byzantine Orthodox Icon.p0210130039.by_e184af91The heart is the true ‘temple’ of man’s meeting with the Lord. Man’s heart ‘seeketh knowledge’[4] both intellectual and divine, and knows no rest until the Lord of glory comes and abides therein. On His part God, Who is ‘a jealous God’,[5] will not settle for a mere portion of the heart. In the Old Testament we hear His voice crying out, ‘My son, give Me thy heart’;[6] and in the New Testament He commands: ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.’[7] He is the one Who has fashioned the heart of every man in a unique and unrepeatable way, though no heart can contain Him fully because ‘God is greater than our heart’.[8] Nevertheless, when man succeeds in turning his whole heart to God, then God Himself begets it by the incorruptible seed of His word, seals it with His wondrous Name and makes it shine with His perpetual and charis­matic presence. He makes it a temple of His Divinity, a temple not made by hands, able to reflect His ‘shape’ and to hearken unto His ‘voice’ and ‘bear’ His Name.[9] In a word, man then fulfils the purpose of his life, the reason for his coming into the transient existence of this world.

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Come, let us ascend the mountain of the Lord, even unto the house of our God, Let us behold the glory of His Transfiguration, glory as of the only-begotten of the Father. Let us receive light from His Light, and with uplifted spirits, Let us forever sing the praises of the consubstantial Trinity.

May the Lord give us the spiritual strength to transform ourselves.


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