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God loves humility and blesses a humble man twice.Elder Ieronymos ,the Hesychast of Aegina


Elder Ieronymos ,the Hesychast of Aegina

 Fr. Ieronymos teaches them long humility and prayer.

       – God loves humility and blesses a humble man twice. Every day He blesses with one hand all the people, and the humble – with both hands. If our Christ – incorruptible and incomprehensible, clothed Himself in human flesh, then what’s great in our humbling down for ourselves’ sake? When you are being blamed, do not answer. The Lord shall count the one who endures the blame with the martyrs[‘ number]. Yield in everything, in order to always be a winner.


“O thou who before the ages art God the Word, O thou who art clothed with light as with a garment, thou wast transfigured before thy disciples, O Master, and didst shine forth more radiantly than the sun. Verily, Moses and Elias did stand before thee, clearly showing that thou art the Lord of the quick and the dead, glorifying thine ineffable providence, thy mercy, and thy great condescension wherewith thou didst save the lost.”
(Prosomion on the Praises, Matins of the Transfiguration of Christ)


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