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Nothing Can Overcome the Power of Prayer

Ξένη ἡ διὰ Χριστὸν Σαλή_St. Xenia of Petersburg_ Святая Ксения Петербургская_προσευχη0_128b1d_a4df2847_orig

Let us persevere in ardent prayers, to be humble before God and thus, attract Him towards us. Great is the power of prayer, and greatly valued by God. The power of prayer extinguished the power of fire, closed the lion’s mouth, overcame the anger of enemies, put out conflicts and fights, quelled storms, cast away devils, opened the gates of the Heaven, broke the chains of death, cured diseases, cast away trouble and enemies, fortified weakened citadels, healed the wounds and plague sent from above, and finally, destroyed all sort of dangers. This and many others have been accomplished through the power of prayer.

Through the power of prayer many wonders were made and are still made at all times: in the past, present and future. Prayer is a great godly gift that helps, strengthens, elevates and cheers all Christians.

Wet incense, placed carefully on hot coals fills the air with a soft fragrance. In a similar way, when we pray in truth and spirit our prayers reach the Heaven to God (Psalms 140:1-2, Revelation 5:8; 8:3-4) Who sends help and power from above.

Apolytikion Dormition of our Most Holy Lady (First Tone)

In birth, you preserved your virginity; in death, you did not abandon the world, O Theotokos. As mother of life, you departed to the source of life, delivering our souls from death by your intercessions.


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