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Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (Aitolos), Equal to the Apostles

 Κοσμάς Αιτωλός_Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, Equal to the Apostles_св. Косма Этолийский_kosmas2

Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (Aitolos), Equal to the Apostles

Commemorated on August 24

St. Kosmas Aitolos was born in 1714 in the Greek village Megalo Dendro (Big Tree) in the region of Aitolia. He studied in Mount Athos and later he became a monk Because of the lack of education in most of the population, especially in the remote areas of Greece, Father Kosmas was “forced” to live Athos and begin missionary tours in the villages with the aim of educating the poor people. On August 24, 1779 he was hanged at Kolkondas, Fier District, and his body was thrown into the Aps River (in present day Albania) by the Ottoman authorities. There were no formal charges against him. The name of the great saint remained for eternity, while the names of his enemies, who were impotent to oppose the truth, were forever forgotten.


Heed all the thoughts of the Holy Gospels, because they are all diamonds, treasures, joy, delight, eternal life…I have found the words and the commandments of Christ pure, holy, true, splendid, brighter than the sun; and whoever believes in Christ and calls Him God and lives in accordance with His teaching, contained in the Holy Gospels, is fortunate and thrice-blessed.

“O LORD JESUS CHRIST, SON OF GOD, HAVE MERCY UPON ME, A SINNER.” Always say this prayer both with your mouth and with your mind, day and night, wherever you may be, whether eating, walking, working, or sitting. Always meditate on it, as it benefits you a great deal., frees you here from every evil, delivers you there from eternal Hell, and renders you worthy of going to Paradise, our heavenly country.

We should not work or do business on Sunday. The profit that you gain on Sunday is curse… Keep Sunday as a day dedicated to God.

The Christian needs two wings in order to soar upward and attain Paradise: humility and love. When the first order of angels fell from angelic glory and became demons, the other nine orders humbled themselves and worshipped the All-Holy Trinity, and remained in their place and rejoice forever…Let us then, my brethren, aviod pride, because it is the first daughter of the devil, is a path that leads to Hades; and let us have humility, because it is angelic, is a path that leads to Paradise.

As He Himself says in His Holy Gospel: “On these two commandments hang all the law and the Prophets.” Through these two loves all the Saints of our Church, men and women, attained sainthood and won Paradise. Whoever has blessed love, firstly for God and secondly for his fellow Christian, becomes worthy of receiving the Holy Trinity in his heart.

(Source: Modern Orthodox Saints I, St. Cosmas Aitolos)., by (Dr.) Constantine Cavarnos., INSTITUTE FOR BYZANTINE AND MODERN GREEK STUDIES., Belmont, Massachusetts., pp.81-94.)ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ-1031 (1)Help, St. George,
Help, St. Cosmas,
Again, we take Constantinople
And St. Sophia church.

St. Kosmas received from God the gift of prophecy. He seems to have foreseen everything. He predicted the future of the world.Many of his predictions have already come true, some still awaiting execution.Σταυρός_Крест Иисуса Христа_Cross of Jesus Christ-Orthodox Icons_8681tavisufali saqartvelo_axali logo

Apolytikion of Saint Cosmas of Aetolia in the Third Tone

By teaching the Divine Faith, thou hast richly adorned the Church and become a zealous emulator of the Apostles; for having been lifted up by the wings of divine love, that hast spread far and wide the message of the Gospel. O glorious Cosmas, entreat God that He grants us His great mercy. Κοσμάς Αιτωλός_Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, Equal to the Apostles_св. Косма Этолийский_τάφος_dsc05558

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