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Let is entrust our life to God, Elder Ieronymos the Cappadocian of Aegina


Elder Ieronymos the Cappadocian of Aegina

And then, you also want not to have woes? It can’t be. God loves us, but we often do not understand it. If we enjoy everything here on earth, then we will forget God. God gives us opportunities to know Him, if only we take hold of the messages. He finds a thousand ways to make us come to know Him. St. Basil says somewhere, ‘Make weakness material for virtue.’ No matter what evil comes upon us, if we have patience, it is possible that what we see as evil, will guide us to virtue. The greatest evil is to become estranged from God.

Let is entrust our life to God, and may it be done as He wishes. Whatever the outcome may be for us, that’s the one that is for our good. For God does not want the perdition of man, but his salvation.

People need to teach more with doings rather than with words.

You want to love people? Fall in love with Christ too much – and you will see how to fall in love with people, too. Such love – coming out of the love of Christ, is true and strong.
When we are looking for the spiritual, then God sends us a lot more than what we are looking for.


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