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Saint Alexander of Svir

Saint Alexander of Svir

Commemorated on August 30

Αλέξανδρος του Σβιρ-_Явление Пресвятой Троицы Александру Свирскому______20131207_1062021912One night he was praying in his hut. …Suddenly a great light appeared in the cabin where he stood. The Saint was astonished and thought to himself: “What does this mean?” And suddenly he saw three men coming to him in most bright garments and clothed in white, beautiful in purity, shining more than the sun and illuminated with unutterable heavenly glory, and each holding a staff in his hand. The Saint, seeing them, was all trembling; for fear and terror seized him. And coming to himself a little, he understood, and strove to bow down to the ground before them. But they, taking him by the hand, raised him up, saying, “Have hope, O blessed one, and do not fear … for the Holy Spirit has been pleased to dwell in you because of the purity of your heart.” … And the Lord said to the Saint, “Beloved … you see the One speaking to you in Three Persons…” And suddenly the Saint saw the Lord with spread wings going on the ground as if by feet, and then He became invisible. (The Northern Thebaid: Monastic Saints of the Russian North,Compiled and translated by Fr Seraphim (Rose) and Abbot Herman Podmoshensky of Platina with an Introduction by I. M. Kontzevitch, St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 2004 , p. 120)

Apolytikion Saint Alexander of Svir in the Fourth Tone

Thou didst settle in the wilderness from thy youth eager to follow Christ’s footsteps, O Alexander. The Angels were amazed when they beheld thee struggling in the flesh and conquering onslaughts of passions. Dwelling on earth thou wast equal to the Angels. Pray to Christ our God to save our souls.

ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΣΒΙΡ Το σπήλαιο που ασκήτεψε ο Αγ.Αλέξανδρος του Σβιρalex svir spil 2

Αλέξανδρος του Σβιρ-_ Икона Прп.Александр Свирский-St. Alexander Svirsky_st Alexander of Svir_333(9)

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