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‘Every gift is received through pain of heart’.Fr Seraphim Rose

Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him:
for they shall eat the fruit of their doings
(Isaiah 3:10)

Fr Seraphim Rose reposed on September 2, 1982

Fr Seraphim Rose, a Heart Open to God
Hieromonk Seraphim (secular name Eugene Dennis Rose ; August 13 , 1934 – September 2 , 1982) was a hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in the United States, whose writings have helped spread Orthodox Christianity throughout modern America and the West and are also quite popular in Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece.

Words of Eternal Life by Father Seraphim Rose

Σεραφείμ Ρόουζ _Fr Seraphim Rose_ Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз) __Ierom-Serafim-Rose-ENow one cannot be a half-hearted Christian, but only entirely or not at all.

Orthodoxy is life. If we don’t live Orthodoxy, we simply are not Orthodox, no matter what formal beliefs we might hold.

‘Every gift is received through pain of heart’.

Why do men learn through pain and suffering, and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply, because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the things given in this world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world.

Correctness can truly become a disease when it is administered without love and tolerance and awareness of ones own imperfect understanding. Such a correctness only produces continual schisms, and in the end only helps the Ecumenical Movement by reducing the witness of sound Orthodoxy.

It is futile, in fact it is precisely absurd, to speak of reforming society, of changing the path of history, of emerging into an age beyond absurdity, if we have not Christ in our hearts; and if we do have Christ in our hearts, nothing else matters.

‘Suffering’, Father Seraphim stated, ‘is the reality of the human condition and the beginning of true spiritual life’. From Archbishop John (of San Francisco), who had utterly crucified himself in this life, Fr Seraphim had learned how to endure this suffering in thankfulness to God, and from him he had learned its fruits. If used in the right way,suffering can purify the heart and ‘the pure in heart shall see God’ (Matthew 5:8). ‘The right approach’ wrote Fr. Seraphim ‘ is found in a heart which tries to humble itself and simply knows that it is suffering, and that there somehow exists a higher truth which can not only help this suffering, but can bring it into a totally different dimension.’

From Fr Seraphim Rose – His Life and Works p. 471-472, by Hieromonk Damascene, St Herman Press 2003

Kontakion 1 
Chosen vessel of Christ, Blessed Father Seraphim, we offer to thee a song of thanksgiving and praise, as we contemplate thy God-pleasing activity and sacrifice. As you now behold the risen Lord, on His throne of glory, you intercede for our pitiful generation. Wherefore we sinners cry out:
Rejoice, Holy Father Blessed Seraphim, radiant lamp of Christ illuminating the last times!

Μονη Πλατινας_The Monastery of St. Herman of Alaska Platina, California_ скит преподобного Германа Аляскинского Платина_-001


Κελλι Σεραφείμ Ρόουζ _ cell Fr Seraphim Rose_ Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз) __manastirea_sf_gherman_platina_29


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