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Fr Seraphim Rose a “lover of Truth” and a “lover of wisdom”

Fr Seraphim Rose reposed on September 2, 1982

Fr Seraphim Rose a “lover of Truth” and a “lover of wisdom”

Σεραφείμ Ρόουζ _Fr Seraphim Rose_ Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз) __73523.bFew in our days have sought the Truth with such singleness of purpose as did the righteous Fr Seraphim. He was a philosopher according to the original meaning of the word: a “lover of wisdom”. Just as Solomon once found favour in God’s sight by desiring wisdom above all else, so did Fr Seraphim become chosen to be God’s servant through his earnest, painful longing to acquire the Truth at all costs. Having at last discovered it, he became free of the bonds of earth and ripe for eternity, as say the Scriptures: “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free” (John 8:32)..

God’s providence worked through one of Fr Seraphim’s friends, who once recommended that he visit an Orthodox Christian Church. Heeding this advice, he walked into an Orthodox Cathedral and witnessed a solemn and beautiful service, handed down from the times of the early Christians. Feeling as though he had stepped into the ranks of angels in Heaven, he joyfully said within himself, “I’ve come home.”..In this way he discovered the Truth he had been seeking resided not in a single philosophy, but rather in the Divine Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who said, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6).

This rare man, Fr Seraphim, not satisfied merely with being externally a member of the Church, begged God that He would bring him into the very heart of the Truth, wherein all the saints and righteous ones have found the means for their salvation. His newfound “pearl of great price”the true Gospel of Christ – was so precious to him that he wanted to dedicate his entire life to serving it. He wanted to do something with what he had received, not just bury his talent in the ground…

Fr Seraphim did much reading of the Holy Fathers of the Church, and he was especially drawn to the ancient desert dwellers and ascetics. In these desert-dwellers, he found living illustrations of Christ’s otherworldly teaching, transfigured beings who disdained all attachments to things temporal and who sought only that which lies beyond this corruptible earth. So much was he inspired by their example that he longed to have a small taste of the life of silence and prayer, unhindered by the tumult of the world. For this reason, he and his partner decided to move their publishing work to the mountains. Soon they found land suitable for their needs: a forested area high on the top a ridge, miles away from the noise of cities. After they had lived there for a few years, they were tonsured monks, and thus their brotherhood became a monastic one. Their literary work continued, and expanded to include the printing of books…

Σεραφείμ Ρόουζ _Fr Seraphim Rose_ Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз) __1SR14__56007.1429296344.900.900Through daily Divine services, constant exposure to spiritual literature, and separation from the world, Fr Seraphim’s experience of spiritual life deepened. He lived for another world, guarding himself against idle talk and soberly viewing ordinary events in the context of heavenly reality. His loving heart, warmed and softened by his early years of suffering and his profound conversion, combined with his brilliant mind, his noble truth-loving character and his depth of spiritual experience, to make him a Christian teacher unparalleled in our days. Having steeped himself in the writings of the Holy Fathers; having come to them as a loving son and learned from them Divine wisdom; having lived like them and acquired their way of thinking and feeling, he became as one of them. He successfully transmitted the spirit of the Holy Fathers, in his writings, thereby feeding the souls of thousands of readers and enabling them to attain oneness of soul with the Christians of past centuries.

When Fr Seraphim was made a priest, his responsibilities increased even more. He was called upon to pastor a parish flock in a nearby town. For a man who longed for desert solitude, this was certainly a burden, and yet he bore it without a grudging word. “Whatever God sends us,” he would say, “we must accept and do our best with. Each day brings a new struggle, a new chance to increase our prayer and new ways in which to serve God”.

He was a loving pastor not only to those in the town parish, but also to the many brothers who came to the monastery. Late at night, he would be seen kneeling before the altar of the monastery church, praying fervently with tears for those souls which had been placed under his direction.

Fr Seraphim was only forty-eight years old when Our Lord was pleased to take him into his Kingdom. As it is written in the Wisdom of Solomon: “He, being made perfect in a short time, fulfilled a long time: for his soul pleased the Lord: therefore hasted He to take him away from among the wicked” (Wis. 4:13)…

It is written in Holy Wisdom: “And having been a little chastised, they shall be greatly rewarded: for God proved them, and found them worthy for Himself. As gold in the furnace hath He tried them, and received them, as a burnt offering” (Wis: 3: 4-5). In truth was the spiritual gold of Fr Seraphim’s soul purified by suffering…

Blessed Father Seraphim pray to God for us!

An Edited extract from The Orthodox Word No. 136 1987 pp. 291 – 299

Κελλι Σεραφείμ Ρόουζ _ cell Fr Seraphim Rose_ Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз) __Келья о. Серафима (Роуза)212525.b

κελι Σεραφείμ Ρόουζ _Fr Seraphim Rose_ Иеромонах Серафим (Роуз) __DSC00435


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