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The Sign of the Holy Cross, Saint John Jacob the Chozebite, the Romanian

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Saint John Jacob the Chozebite, the Romanian – a Hermit from the Holy Land

Commemorated on August 5

The Sign of the Holy Cross

The sign of the Cross to us
The salvific shield it is,
Which makes the evil to depart
Gives us so much strength from His!

So let’s make it as perfectly today
This Christian sign of ours stood,
Because the enemies will run away,
As from His Holy Precious Wood.

And those who ‘play’ it like guitar
And the Cross they mock “unplanned”,
They have the seed of faith afar
With the evil seal on hand!

They have no piety up in the soul,
Neither shame shown on their cheeks.
Down bowing – they can not be in control,
‘Cause a “boss” on neck does tricks!

The Lord of Heavens bows
His Being for the human race
But to Him the “Christian” shows,
That does not bow his head – disgrace!

He has stretched high on the Cross
His Godly hands Divine,
And you, man, don’t strive but loss,
To make at least this Sign.

O, Christian you, He saves us,
By His death on the Wood,
But you see the shame and fuss
In crossing yourself good!

Saint John Jacob the Chozebite – Poems (translation from Romanian) – http://orthodoxaustralia.org/2013/08/06/saint-john-jacob-the-chozebite-july-23-august-5-1960-poems/

Ιωάννης ο Χοζεβίτης- Sfântul Ioan Iacob cel Nou (Hozevitul)_Sf_Ioan_Iacob (1)


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