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A just man walks with Jesus Christ. St. Paisios of the Holy Mountain

St.Paisios of the Holy Mountain (July 12)

Ιησούς Χριστός_Μέγας Αρχιερεύς-Εικόνα_Jesus-Christ_Иисус-Христос-Byzantine-Orthodox Icon0_dabef_14b98428_origBe careful to strike a balance, and create a different, a higher standard.

God will not give His Grace in a wrong situation, because the only one being helped in that case would be the devil. Be careful to put sincerity and honesty first. Otherwise, you will end up like a drunken man who cannot walk straight. Can anyone in that condition stand on his own two feet? God’s wrath will come and we’ll be put to the test. In the first phase, gold will be separated from brass. In the sec­ond phase, it will become clear how many carats of gold each one of us is worth.

The world is full of lies. People now grow into liars. They have made up a new kind of conscience. I will not become a liar and turn into something I am not, because society demands it. I’d rather tell the truth and suffer. One must be careful not to enter in the orbit of secularism. 

Not all people fit well in the world today, especially those who want to lead spiritual and honest lives; they seem to have such a hard time…The just person is usually given the worst position, or may even lose his position to others. They abuse him and step all over him. Don’t we have the saying, “They walk over corpses; they stop at nothing?” But the more people push the just and righteous person down, the more the Good God lifts him up, like a cork. It’s not easy though and it takes a lot of patience. Patience clears up so many things.

It’s important that we start with God’s blessing in everything we do. A just man has God on his side. And if he has some boldness before God, then miracles hap­pen. When someone lives according to the Gospel, he is entitled to divine help. He walks with Jesus Christ.


O Lord, the way wherein I should walk; for unto Thee have I lifted up my soul. Rescue me from mine enemies, O Lord; unto Thee have I fled for refuge. Teach me to do Thy will, for Thou art my God. Thy good Spirit shall lead me in the land of uprightness; for Thy name’s sake, O Lord, shalt Thou quicken me.(Psalm 142, David’s.) 

Kontakion to St.Paisios of the Holy Mountain in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone

The most-famed ascetic of the Holy Mountain, and the newly-enlightened light of the Church, let us praise him with hymns with all our heart, for he leads the faithful towards a perfect life, filling them with rivers of gifts, therefore we cry out: Hail, O Father Paisios.


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