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No one is perfect, but sometimes you just have to be true to yourself.Father Arsenie Boca

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Father Arsenie Boca
Be humble – Forgive

Try to be humble in everything you do. No one is perfect, but sometimes you just have to be true to yourself. If somebody accuses you of committing a sin that you didn’t do, humble yourself and you’ll inherit the crown of incorruption.
You’ll be wise when, through your silence rather than anger, you stop the mouths of others, who speak evil.
Don’t become angry or enraged except with yourself. Anger and stubbornness are uncontrollable forces of the soul.

“The most dangerous is the pride of the saint, therefore the true saints are the ones who don’t know they are saints, constantly saying they are sinners”.

Who wants to conquer the world has the duty to take the gun of forgiveness, no matter how many bad things he will suffer from the people of this world. You have to use the forgiveness as if you could see your brothers chained in foreign slavery, in the darkness of unrecognizing God and their own selves.” Forgiveness is so rare nowadays, only brave people are using it.

If you will have patience in difficulties you know the Holy Spirit is within you, if you will also have the strength to be thankful in troubles than is when the Holy Spirit shines through you.

Nobody can say exactly when and how tears come. They well up suddenly.
Of course, you shouldn’t weep so that people will see you. Profound repentance is tears unseen.

God knows what He makes from each of us. He is the potter and we are His clay. He will mold us, He will do and He will expose us to the needed pressures to be perfect to do his good, pleasant and holy will. If life seems hard and you are hurt, beaten, and pushed mercilessly;

May the prayers of St. Arsenie, this notable, tireless and remarkable servant of God be with all of us sinners!


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