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Abraham’s wholehearted faith led to surrender his whole being and to deliver his whole life to the will of God., Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou

Righteous Patriarch Abraham and his nephew Lot.

Commemorated October 9

Αβραάμ πατριάρχης_Abraham_ Авраам_ΑΒΡΑΑΜ Thysia-AvraamIt is then that he enters into knowledge of the second kind of faith, which can be summarized as ‘hope against hope’. When, humanly speaking, there is no hope of salvation in himself, man hangs everything on the mercy of God, and puts his trust in Him Who alone is able to raise even the dead….This is the faith which brings people from the shore of created reality to that of the uncreated, bridging the gap between God and people. We find many examples of this kind of faith in the Scriptures. One striking example is Abraham. It is written that Abraham believed in ‘God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they were.’ (Romans 4: 17) Abraham’s faith, then, was such that he was able ‘against hope, to believe in hope.” (Romans 4: 18) It is important for us to comprehend in what way Abraham believed, for he is the father of all those who have believed after him. Most importantly, Abraham believed in God as the God of Life Who by a single word brings everything from non-being into being and quickens the dead. He also believed at a time when human reason would have seen only utter hopelessness. In other words, Abraham’s hope was authentic, being based on faith which was not just an intellectual acceptance of the mystery of God’s power. His wholehearted faith led to such inner conviction as enabled him to surrender his whole being to the word of God and to deliver his whole life to the will of God. This exceptional faith justified Abraham before God and made him the father of all the faithful.”

— Remember Thy First Love  ,Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou), page 27-28, Mount Thabor Publishing,2010

Apolytikion in the Plagal of the First Tone

In the night universal of ignorance towards God, and in that starless, profound gloom bereft of heavenly light, you, O Abraham, were kindled in the firmament, burning with bright far-shining faith in the Everlasting Light, Who shone forth to us from your seed. Do you entreat Him with fervour, that He enlighten us and save our souls.


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