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knock at the door of God’s mercy and it shall be opened unto you. St John of Kronstadt

St John of Kronstadt (October 19, 1829 – December 20, 1908)

ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ ΚΡΟΣΤΑΝΔΗΣ_St John of Kronstadt_Св. Иоанн Кронштадтский_information_items_213Never despair of God’s mercy, by whatever sins you may have been bound by the temptation of the Devil, but pray with your whole heart, with the hope of forgiveness; knock at the door of God’s mercy and it shall be opened unto you. I, a simple priest, am an example for you: however, I may sometimes sin by the action of the Devil, for instance, by enmity towards a brother, whatever the cause may be, even though it may be a right cause, and I myself become thoroughly disturbed and set my brother against me, and unworthy to celebrate the Holy Sacrament, not from willful neglect, but by being myself unprepared, and by the action of the Devil; yet, after repentance, the Lord forgives all and everything, especially after the worthy communion of the Holy Sacrament: I become as snow, or as a wave of the sea, by the blood of Christ; the most heavenly peace dwells in my heart; it becomes light, so light, and I feel beatified. Then, indeed, I forget all troubles, anxieties, and the oppression of the enemy, I become entirely renewed, and as though risen from the dead. Do not despair, brethren, whatever sins you may have committed, only repent and confess them with a contrite heart and humble spirit. Glory, O Lord to Thy long-suffering and forbearance!

book: My Life in Christ by St John of Kronstadt (ed. Fr. John Sergiff)

Apolytikion to St. John of Kronstadt in the Fourth Tone

O Wonderworker living in Christ for ever, with love have mercy on them that are in danger; hear thy children who call upon thee with faith; be thou compassionate unto them that hope for aid from thee, O Father John of Kronstadt, our beloved shepherd.


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