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If we were humble, God would allow us to watch Heaven every day. St. Silouan the Athonite

God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. . (James,4: 6)
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. . (James,4:10)

St. Silouan the Athonite

Παναγια_Божией Матери Икона_Virgin Mary –Byzantine Orthodox Icon_icoana-maicii-domnului-9c0c72859e818903 Into the humble soul, now, this grace enters with ease, affording her peace and rest in God. The Mother of God was perfect in humility, wherefore she is glorified in heaven and on earth; and everyone who humbles himself will be glorified of God, and will behold the glory of the Lord.”

If we were humble, God would allow us to watch Heaven every day. 

It is a great sign of grace to learn Christian humility: it becomes easier to live, and everything becomes dearer to the heart. Only to the humble does the Lord show himself through the Holy Spirit, and if we are not humble, then we cannot see God. Humility is that light, by means of which we can see the Light of God, just as we sing “In Your light we see the light.”

Let us humble ourselves and the Lord will give us to know the power of the Jesus Prayer. Let us humble ourselves and the Spirit of God Himself will instruct the soul.
O man, learn the humility of Christ and the Lord will give you to taste of the sweetness of prayer…Prayer comes with praying, as the Scriptures say; 

I beseech you, put this to the test. When a man affronts you or brings dishonor on your head, or takes what is yours, or persecutes the Church, pray to the Lord, saying: “O Lord, we are all Thy creatures. Have pity on Thy servants and turn their hearts to repentance,” and you will be aware of grace in your soul.

The man who has not learned the love of the Holy Spirit will not pray for his enemies. The man who has learned love from the Holy Spirit sorrows all his life over those who are not saved, and sheds abundant tears for the people, and the grace of God gives him strength to love his enemies.

I pray thee, O Merciful Lord, let all mankind, from Adam to the end of time, come to know Thee, that Thou art good and merciful, that all nations may rejoice in Thy peace, and behold the light of Thy countenance. Thy gaze is tranquil and meek and draws the soul to Thee.


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