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We can say what we said Nestor: ”O God of Demetrius, help me!”

Δημήτριος ο Μυροβλύτης-Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki-св. Димитрий Солунский-Dimitrije-720

Saint Demetrius, Great martyr, the Myrrh-flowing
Commemorated on October 26

St .Demetre of Misti -Konaklı Nigde Cappadokia
Commemorated on October 26

Saint Nestor of Thessalonica St Demetrius’ disciple
Commemorated on October 27

In the time of the suffering of St. Demetrius the Myrrh-gusher, there was a young man of Thessalonica, Nestor, who learned the Christian Faith from St. Demetrius himself. At that time Christ’s enemy, Emperor Maximian, organized various games and amusements for the people. The emperor’s favorite in these games was a Vandal by the name of Lyaeus, a man of Goliath-like size and strength. As the emperor’s gladiator, Lyaeus challenged men every day to single combat and slew them. Thus, the bloodthirsty Lyaeus amused the bloodthirsty, idolatrous Maximian. The emperor built a special stage for Lyaeus’s battles, similar to a threshing floor on pillars. Spears, points upward, were planted beneath this platform. When Lyaeus defeated someone in wrestling, he would throw him from the platform onto the forest of spears. The emperor and his pagan subjects cheered as some poor wretch writhed in torment on the spears until he died. Among Lyaeus’s innocent victims were many Christians: when no one volunteered to duel with Lyaeus, by the emperor’s orders

Δημήτριος ο Μυροβλύτης-Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki-св. Димитрий Солунский-agios2bdemetris2bmirovolitis

Christians were arrested and forced to duel with him. Seeing this horrifying amusement of the pagan world, Nestor’s heart was torn with pain, and he decided to come forward for a duel with the gigantic Lyaeus. But first, he went to prison to see St. Demetrius and sought a blessing from him to do this. St. Demetrius blessed him, signed him with the sign of the Cross on the forehead and on the chest and prophesied to him: ‘‘You will defeat Lyaeus, but you will suffer for Christ.” Thus, young Nestor went to duel with Lyaeus. Maximian was present with a multitude of people; everyone felt pity for the young Nestor, who would surely die, and tried to dissuade him from dueling with Lyaeus. Nestor crossed himself and said: ”O God of Demetrius, help me!” and with God’s help, he overcame Lyaeus, knocked him down, and threw him onto the sharp spears, where the heavy giant soon found death. Then all the people cried out: ”Great is the God of Demetrius!” But the emperor, shamed before the people and sorrowing for his favorite Lyaeus, was greatly angered at Nestor and Demetrius, and commanded that Nestor be beheaded and Demetrius run through with lances. Thus, the Christian hero Nestor ended his earthly life and took up his habitation in the Kingdom of his Lord in the year 306.

The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date October 27, and New Calendar date November 9.

We can see the small Nestor and David, and not to fear modern Lyaious and Goliath, whoever they are…We can say what we said Nestor: ”O God of Demetrius, help me!” Whoever you are, turned his eyes and hands to heaven and “God of Demetrios” will help. As great though is the Lyaios if not more of fear and the law of God will fall. And no matter how small it is Nestor, when God will defeat him. (P. B. Pashos, ”Eros of Orthodoxy”)

Troparion Saint Demetrius, Great martyr — Tone 3

The world has found you to be a great defense against tribulation and a vanquisher of heathens, O Passion-bearer. As you bolstered the courage of Nestor, who then humbled the arrogance of Lyaios in battle, Holy Demetrius, entreat Christ God to grant us great mercy.

Δημήτριος εκ Μιστίου Καππαδοκίας_ ΑΊ ΡΗΜΗΤ -St .Demetre of Misti -Konaklı nigde Cappadokia-_ св. Дими́трий Мисти йский  Каппадокии _26 October_


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