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Prayer is a manifestation of humility.Saint Nectarios of Aegina

Saint Nectarios of Aegina

Commemorated on November 9

Νεκτάριος Αιγινης_St. Nectarios of Aegina_прп.Нектарий Аэгинский_Sf-Nectarie-with-scenes-80-70-cmTRUE PRAYER is undistracted, prolonged, performed with a contrite heart an alert intellect. The vehicle of prayer is everywhere humility, and prayer is a manifestation of humility. For being conscious of our own weakness, we invoke the power of GOD.
Prayer unites one with GOD, being a divine conversation and spiritual communion with the Being that is most beautiful and highest.

PRAYER is truly a heavenly armor, and is alone can keep safe those who have dedicated themselves to God. Prayer is the common medicine for purifying ourselves from the passions, for hindering sin and curing our faults. Prayer is an inexhaustible treasure, an unruffled harbor, the foundation of serenity,the root and mother of myriads of blessings.

One must remember the saving words of the Lord: “Be wakeful and pray that ye enter not into temptation.” He who is wakeful does not enter into temptation, because he is vigilant and attentive.

In the New Testament fasting is recommended as a means of preparing the mind and the heart for divine worship, for long prayer, for rising from the earthly, and for spiritualization.

God reveals Himself to the humble, who live in accordance with virtue.

SEEK GOD daily. But seek Him in your heart, not outside it. And when you find Him, stand with fear and trembling, like the Cherubim and the Seraphim, for your heart has become a throne of God. But in order to find God, become humble as dust before the Lord, for the Lord abhors the proud, whereas He visits those that are humble in heart, wherefor He says: “To whom will I look, but to him that is meek and humble in heart?”…God loves those who have a pure heart, listens to their prayers, grants them their requests that lead to salvation, reveals Himself to them and teaches the mysteries of the Divine nature.

Source: “Modern Orthodox Saints, St. Nectarios of Aegina”, by (Dr.) Constantine Cavarnos, Insititute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Belmont, Massachusetts., 1981.

Apolytikion St. Nektarios of Pentapolis in the First Tone

The offspring of Selyvria and the guardian of Aegina, the true friend of virtue who didst appear in the last years, O Nectarius, we faithful honour thee as a godly servant of Christ, for thou pourest forth healings of every kind for those who piously cry out: Glory to Christ Who hath glorified thee. Glory to Him Who hath made thee wondrous. Glory to Him Who worketh healings for all through thee.


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