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Reposed today Holy Elder VICTOR (Mamontov) of Latvia

ΒΙΚΤΩΡΑΣ Μαμοντωφ-Λετονία_Archm. Viktor Mamontov Latvia_старец Виктор Мамонтов_ Arhimandrīts Viktors Mamontovs-Kārsavas Latvija_maxresdelt

Reposed today, 8 November / October 26, Holy Elder VICTOR (Mamontov) of Latvia in Karsava Latvia.

Eternal memory! Eternal memory! Eternal memory of our holy Elder and our Father !!!!

” For the Christian the Eucharist is the center of life. This creates the Society. ”
Archimandrite Viktor Mamontov

Archimandrite Viktor (Mamontov) (1938) – priest of Holy Yefrosinia church in Karsava.
V.Mamontov was born it the Far East and studied at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Pedagogical Institure specializing in the Russian language and literature. Later he worked as teacher in a country school. From 1962 to 1965 did post-graduate studies at Moscow State Pedagogical Institure.In 1971 he was baptised and when he came to Latvia he was tonsured to become a monk. Later he was inducted into deacon and presbyter.
V. Mamonrov served in Alexander Nevsky church in Riga, from 1982 – in Holy Yefrosinia church in Karsava.

BORN OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT by Archimandrite Victor (Mamontov)

ΒΙΚΤΩΡΑΣ Μαμοντωφ-Λετονία_Archm. Viktor Mamontov Latvia_старец Виктор Мамонтов_ Arhimandrīts Viktors Mamontovs-Kārsavas Latvija_mamontovscan_640Each and every person living on earth must meet Christ. He came for the sake of all, and outside of Christ there cannot be any true life. Take the Gospels and read them attentively. If with all your heart and all your soul you come to love Christ, you will understand that there is nothing in the world greater than Him, than His teachings-nor will there ever be; you will want to be with Him always; you will thirst after Christ. The decision to unite ourselves with Christ, to dedicate our whole life to Him-this is our most important choice.

So it is with a man who desires to be a Christian. He must first test his feelings: does he love Christ with all his being, is he ready to deny his ego and say, “Lord, abide in me, speak and act in me”?

Today, by the mighty Will of God, we are called to spiritual rebirth. The world is spiritually ailing, and only Christ can deliver man from his dead-end situation. This is incontestable and proven by the life of humanity. Life itself has today placed this task in a position of primary concern. In the words of the theologian A.V. Kartashov, we are seeing the beginning of “the baptism of ‘un-baptized’ Rus”. Daily many people are baptized in various churches around the country. Rejoice… One wants to very much, but… There is much that hinders the heart from being filled with this holy joy.



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