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St. John Chrysostom is right there by the throne of the Lord.

Ἰωάννης Χρυσόστομος -St. John Chrysostom_Святой Иоанн Златоуст_წმიდა იოანე ოქროპირი__1912ba4f67_z

St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople

Commemorated on November 13January 27 (Translation of Relics) , January 30 (Three Holy Hierarchs)

The Heavenly Glory of St. John Chrysostom

The life of Adelphius, bishop of Arabessus, and blessed John Chrysostom
We went to visit abba Athanasius in the monastery of our holy father Saba. He told us that he had heard the following story being told by Athenogenus, the bishop of Petra, the son of amma Damiana:
My aunt (avia mea) Joanna had a brother called Adelphius, bishop of Arabessus. She herself was abbess of a monastery of women. This bishop went out one day to visit his sister in her monastery. As he went in to the courtyard (atrium) of the monastery he saw a sister possessed of a demon lying on the pavement. The bishop called out to his sister:
“Doesn’t it worry you that this sister is being troubled and besmirched like this? You surely must know that as abbess you have authority over all your sisters?”
“What can I do against a demon?” she replied
“What do you think you have been doing all these years?” replied the bishop, who then made a prayer and cleansed that sister of the demon.

Athanasius also passed on to us this story just as bishop Adelphius’ venerable sister Joanna had told it.
When the most holy bishop of Constantinople, John Chrysostom, was exiled to Cucusum he came to stay in our house, which was the means of giving us a great trust in God and love for him.
“When the most blessed John died in exile,” my brother Adelphius said, “I was incredibly sad that such a great man, famous throughout the world, a shining light of the Church of God, should die in exile from his throne. So I begged God with many tears to reveal to me his present state, whether he had been numbered among the patriarchs. I prayed for a long time and was carried up into an ecstasy, and I saw a magnificent man holding out his hand to me and leading me into a most glorious and illustrious place where he showed me all the doctors of the church. I looked around everywhere, to see if I Ἰωάννης Χρυσόστομος -St. John Chrysostom_Святой Иоанн Златоуст_წმიდა იოანე ოქროპირი_i400could find him whom I sought, my greatly beloved John. But after showing me all of them and identifying each one by name, he led me outside, still holding me by the hand. I followed him sadly, because I had not seen blessed John among the fathers and leaders of the Church. But as I was going out the doorkeeper stopped me.
”What is the matter? Why are you sad?” he said. ”Nobody who ever comes in here goes out sad.”
”The cause of my sadness,” I said, ”is that I did not see my beloved bishop John of Constantinople among all the other doctors.”
“‘Do you mean John chief among penitents?”
”Yes, him.”
Nobody alive in the flesh can see him. For he is right there by the throne of the Lord.”

“The Spiritual Meadow” by John Moschus, De Vitis Patrum, Book X,Chapter CXXVIII.
http://www.vitae-patrum.org.uk/page151.html    –    http://desertfathers.webs.com/desertfatherspart3.htm

Prosomoia of the Praises in Tone 4. You have given as a sign.

You have become a sun with many lights, irradiating the inhabited world by your words, dazzling star, brightly shining lamp, torch that ever summons those who are storm-tossed by the worldly sea to the calm haven of salvation by grace, O Golden-worded, Golden-mouthed, intercessor for our souls.

Unjustly driven from flock, venerable Father, you became familiar with afflictions and bitter exiles, by which you were counted worthy of a blessed end as a noble Athlete, throwing down the one of many wiles, and Christ crowned you with a diadem of victory, John Chrysostom, intercessor for our souls.


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