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Saint Gregory the Wonderworker of Neocaesarea by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

Saint Gregory the Wonderworker of Neocaesarea

Commemorated on November 17 ΓΡΗΓΟΡΙΟΣ ΘΑΥΜΑΤΟΥΡΓΟΣ_Григорий Чудотворец ΝΕΟΚΑΙΣΑΡΙΑΣ 0

Let the following examples from the Life of St. Gregory show how God guards and saves the righteous from assaults. While he was still at the school of philosophy in Alexandria, St. Gregory preserved the purity of his soul and his body, as he preserved it to the end of his life. In this, he was an exception among the dissolute youth of that time. This evoked envy and hatred among his companions. In order to debase Gregory, they found a harlot to help them carry out an evil plan. Once, when Gregory was standing in the square with eminent teachers and philosophers, the foul woman approached him and loudly demanded that Gregory pay her the remainder due for impure relations with her. Some of the people present were scandalized, while others were angry at this shameless woman and began to chase her away; but she shouted even louder, demanding money. The innocent Gregory blushed, as any decent man would before such coarse slander, but he displayed neither anger nor hatred, and asked a friend to give her the amount that she sought so she would leave. The friend heeded Gregory, and gave her the money she wanted. But at that moment God let an evil spirit enter the woman and she fell to the ground and began writhing and convulsing, gnashing her teeth, and foaming at the mouth. Seeing this, everyone was terrified. But St. Gregory, innocent as a lamb, prayed to God for her, and the woman was healed and arose. Thus, instead of humiliation, Gregory acquired even greater glory. Another example: When a bitter persecution of Christians took place, St. Gregory counseled Christians to hide, and he and his deacon hid on a hill. But the imperial soldiers caught sight of them and pursued them. When they were almost upon them, Gregory prayed to God for help, and God rendered them invisible to their pursuers. The soldiers searched for them in vain, and finally left without them.

The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date November 17, and New Calendar date November 30. http://livingorthodoxfaith.blogspot.gr/2010/04/prologue-november-17-november-30.html

St. Macrina the Elder, the grandmother of St. Basil the Great,was a disciple of St. Gregory the Wonderworker of Neo-Caesarea.

Troparion St Gregory the Wonderworker of Neocaesarea — Tone 8

You became worthy of your name through your way of life: through your vigilance in prayer and your constant works of mercy. Therefore, O Father Gregory, beseech Christ God to enlighten our minds, that we may not sleep in sin, which leads to death!


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