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Saint Alypius the Stylite of Adrianopolis in Paphlagonia

Saint Alypius the Stylite of Adrianopolis in Paphlagonia
St Stylianus of Paphlagonia
St Nikon “Metanoeite,” the Preacher of Repentance
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Commemorated on November 26

The Venerable Alypius the Stylite
Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

Αλύπιος ο Κιονίτης-Saint Alypius the Stylite- св Алипий Столпник-b_2276_1565Alypius was born in Hadrianopolis, a city in Paphlagonia. From childhood, he was dedicated to the service of God. He served as a deacon with Bishop Theodore in the church in that city. But, desirous of a life of solitude, prayer and meditation, Alypius withdrew to a Greek cemetery outside the city. This was a cemetery from which people fled in terror, because of frequent demonic visions seen there. Alypius set up a cross in the cemetery and built a church in honor of St. Euphemia, who had appeared to him in a dream. Beside the church, he built a tall pillar, climbed on top of it, and spent fifty-three years there in fasting and prayer. Neither the mockery of men nor the evil of the demons was able to drive him away or cause him to waver in his intention. Alypius especially endured countless assaults from demons. Not only did the demons try to terrorize him with apparitions, but stoned him as well, and gave him no peace, day or night, for a long time. The courageous Alypius protected himself from the power of the demons by the sign of the Cross and the name of Jesus. Finally the demons were defeated and fled from him. Men began to revere him and come to him for prayer, consolation, instruction and healing. Two monasteries were built beside his pillar, one on one side for men and one on the other for women. His mother and sister lived in the women’s monastery. St. Alypius guided the monks and nuns from his pillar, by example and words. He shone like the sun in the heavens for everyone, showing them the way to salvation. This God-pleaser had so much grace that he was often illuminated in heavenly light, and a pillar of this light extended to the heavens above him. St. Alypius was a wonderful and mighty miracle-worker in life, and also after his repose. He lived for one hundred years and entered into rest in the year 640, during the reign of Emperor Heraclius. His head is preserved in the Monastery of Koutloumousiou on the Holy Mountain.

The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date November 26, and New Calendar date December 9.

Troparion Saint Alypius the Stylite — Tone 1

You were a pillar of patient endurance, having having imitated the forefathers, O Venerable One: Job in suffering, and Joseph in temptations. You lived like the Bodiless Ones while yet in the flesh, O Alypius, our Father. Beseech Christ God that our souls may be saved.

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