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Saint Philaret the Almsgiver, Hymn of Praise,St. Nikolai Velimirovic

ΦΙΛΑΡΕΤΟΣ ΕΛΕΗΜΩΝ Филарет Милостивый0_1350fa_b318b39a_orig

Saint Philaret the Almsgiver
Commemorated December 1

Hymn of Praise
Saint Philaret the Almsgiver
by St. Nikolai Velimirovic

To the merciful one, God shows mercy;
He never ceases to show mercy.
He hears the prayers of the merciful;
He gives gifts a hundredfold.

Philaret the Merciful
Placed himself wholly in God’s hands.
By his compassion, he amazed the world;
He was faithful to God, even in suffering.

Philaret did not compete
For honor or precedence.
We use this age to purchase
The Eternal Kingdom and blessedness.

The Lord spoke a wondrous word:
“Trade until I return!
When the time is right,
I will repay you with great riches.”

When Philaret became impoverished
Because of almsgiving beyond measure,
Because of truth and goodness–
God visited him from on high:

Visited him and bestowed mercy,
Bestowed mercy and rewarded him,
Just as once upon the faithful Job,
He bestowed mercy and a reward.

The Prologue of Ohrid: Lives of Saints, Hymns, Reflections and Homilies for Every Day of the Year (Two Volumes) by St. Nikolai Velimirovic


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