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Almost all disease is due to the lack of trust in God. Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite

Saint Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvite of Milesi , Oropos

Επταβηματιζων Χριστος-deda-gvtisa (1)Our soul must not rebel and say: “why did God do this thing, why did He do the other thing that way, couldn’t He have done it differently?” All this indicates internal small-heartedness and reaction. It shows the big opinion we have of ourselves, our pride and our great ego. Those “whys” greatly torture a person, create what people call “complexes”. For example, “why should I be so tall?” or – the opposite – “very short?”. It remains inside. And one may pray and stay awake (to do so), but get the opposite result. And he may suffer and exasperate himself pointlessly. Whilst with Christ, with grace, it all disappears. There remains this “something” deep down, meaning “why,” but God’s grace overshadows man and while the root may be a complex, a rosebush grows over it with beautiful roses, and the more one waters it through faith, love, patience and humility, the more evil loses its power and ceases to exist; that is, it doesn’t disappear, but it withers. The more the rosebush isn’t watered, the more it withers, dries up, disappears and thorns grow out of it instead.

Desperation and disappointment is the most terrible thing. It’s Satan’s trap, to make a person lose his eagerness for spiritual things and bring him to desperation.

Almost all disease is due to the lack of trust in God and this causes stress. Stress is caused by the abolishment of religious feelings.

When a person lives without God, without peace, without trust, in anxiety, depression, hopelessness, he develops physical and psychological illnesses. Psychological illness, neurological illness, discord are demonic states. It is also demonic to speak as though humble. It is called a feeling of inferiority. Real humility does not speak out, does not pretend to be humble, that is to say: “I’m a sinner, unworthy, the least of all…”. A humble person is afraid that they may fall into vainglory. God’s grace does not draw near that. In contrast, God’s grace can be found where there is real humility, divine humility, perfect trust in God, dependence on Him.


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