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“O Divine Love”, A Poem of St. Nektarios the Wonderworker

Γέννηση του Ιησού Χριστού_ Рождество Христово_ Nativity of Christ-135533.p

“O Divine Love”
A Poem of St. Nektarios the Wonderworker

O Divine Love, come, I entreat you,
From all my soul and within my heart,
And a divine dwelling-place, O Christ, make me
And from every stain, O cleanse me.

O Divine Love, godly love
I ask You to fill my soul
With divine eros. O Divine Love,
Fervently I entreat you, to grant to me, Your servant.

O Divine Love, I entreat You,
To grant love to those who ask of You,
For Your love is to fulfull
Your Divine Law, O sweet Love.

O Divine Love, who alone fills
The whole world and preserves it,
You are the law of the heavens,
You are the law of the earthly.

Your Kingdom is love,
In which reigns joy and peace,
In which reigns blessedness,
The eros of the Divine and rejoicing.


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