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Saint Nina the Equal to the Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia, Hymn of Praise By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Saint Nina the Equal to the Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia

commemorated January 14th

Hymn of Praise
Saint Nina

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Νίνα της Γεωργίας_Saint Nina of Georgia_წმინდა ნინო_Света Нина Грузије_свяsf-nina-luminatoare-georgiei-a424x31cm-lemn-de-tei-cu-pene-si-sapat-tempera-cu-ou-foita-de-aur-22kVirgin most beautiful, Nina of noble birth,
By Divine Providence became the Apostle to the Georgians,
In defiance of the persecution by Diocletian, the Emperor,
With the Cross, she baptized Emperor Mirian
His wife Nana and his son Bakar,
Through them, all the people and the elite of the leaders,
With the Cross of the Son of God, baptized them all,
Saint Nina, Apostle to the Georgians.
From her youth, Nina prayed to God
That Djul (the Rose) – Georgia, she baptize.
For that which she prayed to God, the good God granted:
From Nina’s hand, the Cross shown
To docile Georgia where it shines even now,
Where Nina’s hand blesses even now.
There is Nina’s grave, overwhich a church glistens,
Glorifying Saint Nina and the Lord Christ.

Troparion of St. Nina, Tone 4

O handmaid of the Word of God, who in preaching equaled the first-called Apostle Andrew, and emulated the other Apostles, enlightener of Iberia and reed-pipe of the Holy Spirit, holy Nina, pray to Christ our God to save our souls.

Rejoice, thou who didst bring joy to our people. Rejoice, thou by whom we were freed from sin. Rejoice, thou who didst guide those whowere lost. Rejoice, thou comforter of Christian women. Rejoice, thou who didst enlighten the Georgian people with heavenly wisdom. Rejoice, thou who wast sanctified by the Divine Spirit, O Holy Bride!

Through the prayers and intercessions of Sts. Nina of Georgia, Zabulon and Sosana,Parents of Saint Nina, may the Most Holy Trinity bless all who in faith and love pray unto them!

Σβετιτσχοβέλι Μτσχέτα_Светицховели- სვეტიცხოველი- Mtskheta in Georgia91_1Sveticxoveli_T


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