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Humility is the source of wisdom. Elder Sampson (Sivers)

εκκλησία Αγίου Ανδρέα-ποταμό Vuoksi της ΡωσίαςΛένινγκραντ, χωριό Vasilyevo Priozersky-Church of St. Andrew-Vuoksi River-Leningrad , of Vasilyevo Priozersky._595586

Holy Elder Sampson (Sivers) the Confessor

Knowledge and the knowledge of God are two different things.

Humility is the source of wisdom.

Humility does not know of submission to demons.

Our triumph is humility.

Where there is no humility, there is no salvation.

All madness is from pride.

The most difficult thing for us is to acquire humility within us. In other words, never to say anything bad about anyone.

How do we learn never to say anything bad about anyone? He answers us:
Learn, learn, learn to pray the Jesus Prayer – walking, resting (lying down, alone). On your way to work, from work, in the fields, when you go for a walk when you go to the market, when you go to church or seek solitude.


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