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The Saints will be more sanctified and the dirty will become more dirty. Saint Paisios the Athonite

Ιησούς Χριστός_Jesus-Christ_Господне Иисус-Христос-Byzantine Orthodox Icon_Ιησους χριστος

Saint elder Paisios the Athonite said:

After the devil’s cataclysm, God’s sunshine will appear.Behind the worldly spirit of today’s “freedom,” the lack of respect for the Church of Christ, older people, parents and teachers who have fear of God, is hidden spiritual slavery, anxiety and anarchy which lead the world to an impasse, the destruction of man’s body and soul.

God allows to happen now a strong shaking. Coming difficult years. We will have bigtests…we take it seriously,to live spiritually.These circumstances compel us and force us to work spiritually. But it is good to do it cheerfully and voluntarily and not by sorrows, necessarily…
Now go or Christ or the devil. It is clean front. I was becoming a hero during the occupation because do not greeteda German. Now you become a hero because do not greeting the devil.How ever we will see terrible events.There will be spiritual battles.The Saints will be more sanctified and the dirty will become more dirty. I feel in side mea consolation. A storm is the race has value,because now we do not have enemy Ali Pasha or Hitler or Mousoulini, but the devil.
Let God use evil to good, as God is Good.

Today there are many who strive to corrupt everything: the family, the youth, the Church. In our day it’s a true witness to speak up for one’s people, for the state is waging war against divine law. It’s laws are directed against the Law of God.

But we are responsible for not letting the enemies of the Church corrupt everything. Though I’ve heard even priests say: “Don’t get involved in that. It’s none of your business!” If they had reached such a non-striving condition through prayer I would kiss their feet. But no! They’re indifferent because they want to please everyone and live in comfort.

Indifference is unacceptable even for laymen, and all the more so for the clergy. An honest, spiritual man doesn’t do anything with indifference. “Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully”, says the Prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 48:10). There’s a war on today, a holy war. I must be on the front lines. There are so many Marxists, so many Masons, so many Satanists and assorted others! So many possessed, anarchists and seduced ones! I see what awaits us, and it’s painful for me. The bitter taste of human pain is in my mouth.

Wakefulness and sobriety are needed. All that a person does he must do for the sake of God. Christ must be at the source of every movement. Much attention is required, for when we do something with the aim of pleasing others we gain no benefit.

We ascend to the heavens not through earthly striving but by humbling ourselves spiritually. He who goes low goes sure and never falls. Ours is an age of sensationalism and hullabaloo. But the spiritual life is not noisy. Divine enlightenment is required and when it’s not there the person abides in darkness. He may act out of good intentions but create many problems in his confusion, both for the Church and for society.

A spiritual person consists of nothing but pain. In other words, he’s in pain at what’s going on, he’s in pain for people’s condition. And divine comfort is bestowed upon him for his pain.


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