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The relationship between of the Papa-Fotis Lavriotis of Mytilene with Sts Luke of Mytilene and Silouan the Athonite

Λουκάς Ανδριανούπολεως εν Μυτιλήνη_Luke the New-Martyr of Adrianople-at Mytilene_

St. Luke the New -Martyr of Adrianople and Mt. Athos, at Mytilene (+1802)

Commemorated on March 23

Λουκάς Ανδριανούπολεως εν Μυτιλήνη_Luke the New-Martyr of Adrianople-at Mytilene_102_3368St. Luke was born in Adrianoupolis. At six years of age he lost his father, and his mother. At a young age, teenager converted to Islam , then repented with deep remorse, go to the Holy Mountain St Anne’s Skete became an ascetic monk upon his return to Christ. Felt compelled to return and confess his faith in Christ.
He go to Mytilene. In Pamphila where the righteous Luke arrived, he came to know the priests at the church of St. Barbara, Frs. Gregory and Parthenios. After fervent supplications and meditation on the martyrdom of St. Theodore, who had been martyred seven years before in Mytilene, St. Luke appeared before Nazer the Aga of Mytilene, and with bravery of soul sought to bear witness as a Christian. He was imprisoned and martyred by hanging on March 23rd 1802 at the age of 19.The translation of his miraculous relics is celebrated on August 25th.

Papa-Fotis Lavriotis of Mytilene built a church dedicated to St. Luke in Pamphila. He had a great devotion to st .Luke, and especially celebrated his feast day in August because his primary feast fell during Great Lend.
Papa-Foti built this church on the spot where St. Luke slept the night before he was martyred.


Papa Fotis the Fool Meets St. Silouan the Athonite

παπα-Φώτης Λαυριώτης_Father Photis Lavriotis of Mytilini_старец Фотий из Митилене (Лесбос)_000000000000000000cPapa Fotis had the blessing to know, at the Russian Saint Panteleimon Monastery of Mount Athos, the new Saint of our Church, Silouan the Athonite. He said about this acquaintance: “I also had the blessing on Mount Athos to minister to and meet Papa Tychon the Russian. But I also met saint Silouan the A thonite whose holiness was wonderful. Great personalites. “

Another time he said : “I went to the monastery of Saint Panteleimon to worship. After worship I headed to the monastery dining room.The dining room some time before had closed to visitors and the monk housekeepers had gone to the oikomomeio to eat after their services to the visitors. Amonk received news of my presence and came to me with love and asked me if I ate. I told him I was not on time for the dining room and it closed. The monk was Silouan and he took me by force almost to the oikonomeio and he served me . We were given an opportunity to discuss many spiritual man and his face shined with holiness. He explained that he took the obedience of serving in the oikonomeio for the sake of  obedience and thanked God for this obedience. “

Papa Fotis remembers the advice he received from the Holy Man of God Silouan : ” You must love your fellow men , to suffer with them, and pray for others not in a simple way, but to spill blood with your prayer! “

From the book of fr. Themistocles Christodoulou, “Papa Fotis Lavriotis, Point Controversial”, ed. Homology.

Apolytikion for a Male Martyr in the Fourth Tone

Thy Martyr, O Lord, in his courageous contest for Thee received the prize of the crowns of incorruption and life from Thee, our immortal God. For since he possessed Thy strength, he cast down the tyrants and wholly destroyed the demons’ strengthless presumption. O Christ God, by his prayers, save our souls, since Thou art merciful.


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