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The imprint of Christ in one’s heart… Fr. Zacharias Zacharou

Θεία Ευχαριστία_Eucharist_Holy Communion_Евхаристия_euharistia

When Fr. Zacharias Zacharou(disciple of Fr. Sophrony of Essex) was asked, “What is divine humility?” He answered, “To have the imprint of Christ in one’s heart and to see how far away one is from it.”

The way to Christ is within and through the heart. If we desire
to meet the Lord Jesus Christ and have communion with Him we
must first purify our nous and our innermost being, our heart,
and in this way prepare a holy habitation for our Lord.

Archimandrite Sophrony of Essex writes: Interpreted both the incarnation of God-the-Word and Christ’s whole earthly life as love towards the whole world, though the whole world is totally hostile towards God. Similarly, he knew the Holy Spirit in the love which with its advent drives away all hatred, like light cancelling darkness; in the love which likens man to Christ in the inmost impulses of his soul. And this, according to the Staretz’* teaching is true faith. (ibid. p. 225)  *St. Silouan

Our greatest missionary work in life takes place in the Divine Liturgy. The Fathers of the Church would always build an Altar of Sacrifice in whatever country or city they traveled to. And this is so, because when the heart is sweetened by the Divine Liturgy, it then seeks God. It then desires to live an Orthodox ecclesiastical life, the heart of which is the Holy Eucharist.

“It is essential to read the Gospel, that incomparable book. Then our life will be built up on the basis of the Word of God. And we will begin to think and make decisions in the spirit of the Divine commandments. How beautiful, when one begins to think like the Creator of this world!”

“When we begin to lead the Christian life, all our labor, all our struggle [podvig] is directed towards accepting even our enemies with love. In this consists the Christian’s martyric witness.”

“We do not think about how to change the world with our own powers. We strive to receive strength from God in order to act at all times with love.”

Having accomplished the forty days for the benefit of our souls, we pray to Thee, O Lover of Man, that we may see the holy week of Thy passion, that in it we may glorify Thy greatness and Thine unspeakable plan of salvation for our sake . . . (Vespers Hymn).

Christ —the Joy, the Truth and the Light of All, the Life of the world and its Resurrection—has appeared in his goodness to those on earth. He has become the Image of our Resurrection, granting divine forgiveness to all (Kontakion).


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