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Like Joseph the All-Comely, we can learn to entrust ourselves to God

Ιωσήφ Πάγκαλος-St. Joseph the All-Comely-Иосиф Прекрасный-13-Сербия. Нови-Пазар. Монастырь Сопочаны5.Scene 11

St. Joseph the All-Comely is a type of Christ 

The humiliations of Joseph come one on top of another. Lower and lower he sinks until all hope seems to be gone. And then, suddenly, he is raised up to be ruler of the whole land. And when Joseph’s brothers finally come to him begging food (and fulfilling the dream Joseph had as a boy), Joseph holds no resentment against them but tells them that what they did was actually God’s will to save many people…We too can in a sense prefigure Christ, if we will allow ourselves to learn from Joseph, when we are brought low by life’s injustices, tragic accidents, and our own human weaknesses. If, like Joseph, we can learn to entrust ourselves to God even in the pits and prisons and economic servitude we find ourselves in, and if even here we can resist temptation, then we too can proclaim Christ through our lives. We too can witness that from the depths when we cry, God hears us.

O great Lord, God of the righteous Joseph, Who secretly but vigilantly accompanies the righteous in slavery and in prison, and manifests Thy mercy in Thine own time, help us to be innocent and chaste.


Kontakion Tone 8.
Ὡς ἀπαρχὰς
Jacob lamented the loss of Joseph, but his noble son was seated in a chariot and honoured as a king. For refusing to be enslaved by the pleasures of the Egyptian woman, he was glorified by him who sees the hearts of men, and bestows an incorruptible crown.


On Holy and Great Monday we commemorate the blessed Joseph the all-good, the beloved son of Jacob the Patriarch and the fig tree that was cursed by the Lord and withered.

Verses to Joseph the all-good
Wise Joseph, was revealed a just ruler,
And a provider of grain, O abundance of good things.

Verses to the withered fig-tree.
Christ likened the synagogue of the Hebrews
To a fig tree devoid of spiritual fruit
And withered it with a curse
Let us flee from a similar fate

Through the intercessions of Joseph the All-good, O Christ our God, have mercy upon us. Amen.


Genesis 43 : 25-30, 45 : 1-16

ΙΩΣΗΦ ό Πάγκαλος_Joseph the All-Comely_ Иосиф Прекрасный_9d6bffefeba33f27And Joseph entered into the house, and they brought him the gifts which they had in their hands, into the house; and they did him reverence with their face to the ground. 26 And he asked them, How are ye? and he said to them, Is your father, the old man of whom ye spoke, well? Does he yet live? 27 And they said, Thy servant our father is well; he is yet alive. And he said, Blessed be that man by God;– and they bowed, and did him reverence. 28 And Joseph lifted up his eyes, and saw his brother Benjamin, born of the same mother; and he said, Is this your younger brother, whom ye spoke of bringing to me? and he said, God have mercy on thee, my son. 29 And Joseph was troubled, for his bowels yearned over his brother, and he sought to weep; and he went into his chamber, and wept there. 30 And he washed his face and came out, and refrained himself, and said, Set on bread.
And Joseph could not refrain himself when all were standing by him, but said, Dismiss all from me; and no one stood near Joseph, when he made himself known to his brethren. 2 And he uttered his voice with weeping; and all the Egyptians heard, and it was reported to the house of Pharao. 3 And Joseph said to his brethren, I am Joseph; doth my father yet live? And his brethren could not answer him, for they were troubled. 4 And Joseph said to his brethren, Draw nigh to me; and they drew nigh; and he said, I am your brother Joseph, whom ye sold into Egypt. 5 Now then be not grieved, and let it not seem hard to you that ye sold me hither, for God sent me before you for life. 6 For this second year there is famine on the earth, and there are yet five years remaining, in which there is to be neither ploughing, nor mowing. 7 For God sent me before you, that there might be left to you a remnant upon the earth, even to nourish a great remnant of you. 8 Now then ye did not send me hither, but God; and he hath made me as a father of Pharao, and lord of all his house, and ruler of all the land of Egypt. 9 Hasten, therefore, and go up to my father, and say to him, These things saith thy son Joseph; God has made me lord of all the land of Egypt; come down therefore to me, and tarry not. 10 And thou shalt dwell in the land of Gesem of Arabia; and thou shalt be near me, thou and thy sons, and thy sons’ sons, thy sheep and thine oxen, and whatsoever things are thine. 11 And I will nourish thee there: for the famine is yet for five years; lest thou be consumed, and thy sons, and all thy possessions. 12 Behold, your eyes see, and the eyes of my brother Benjamin, that it is my mouth that speaks to you. 13 Report, therefore, to my father all my glory in Egypt, and all things that ye have seen, and make haste and bring down my father hither. 14 And he fell on his brother Benjamin’s neck, and wept on him; and Benjamin wept on his neck. 15 And he kissed all his brethren, and wept on them; and after these things his brethren spoke to him. 16 And the report was carried into the house of Pharao, saying, Joseph’s brethren are come; and Pharao was glad, and his household.


Tone 5

Verse: We were filled in the morning with Thy mercy, O Lord, and we rejoiced and were glad. In all our days, let us be glad: for the days wherein Thou hast humbled us, for the years wherein we have seen evil. And look upon Thy servants, and upon Thy works, and do Thou guide their sons.
O Lord, teaching thy disciples to think perfect thoughts, thou didst say, be not like the Gentiles who exercise dominion over those who are weak; it shall not be so with you my disciples, for of mine own will am I poor. Therefore let him who is first among you be the minister of all, the one who rules as the one being ruled, the one who is preferred as the least of all. For I myself have come to minister unto Adam in his poverty, and to give my life as a ransom for the many who cry to me: glory to thee.

Tone 1

“When the Lord was going to His voluntary Passion,
He said to His Apostles on the way:
Behold, we go up to Jerusalem,
And the Son of Man shall be delivered up
As it is written of Him.
Come, therefore, and let us accompany Him,
With minds purified from the pleasures of this life,
And let us be crucified and die with Him,
That we may live with Him,
And that we may hear Him say to us:
I go now, not to the earthly Jerusalem to suffer,
But unto My Father and your Father
And My God and your God,
And I will gather you up into the heavenly Jerusalem,
Into the Kingdom of Heaven.”
(Monday Matins)


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